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Protecting Coral Reefs and Mangroves, Indonesia

Located near Bird's Head Peninsula in New Guinea, Raja Ampat is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands. This grant will support the creation and management of two new reserves in an area considered the global epicenter of marine biodiversity.

Necklace’ of Arctic Marine Protected Areas

As Arctic sea ice retreats, offshore oil development, fishing, shipping and other industries are moving in to sensitive ecosystems. This NRDC-led project is establishing a robust system of marine protected areas throughout the circumpolar Arctic.

Replenishing Coral Reefs in the Pacific Ocean

An innovative project on the island of Tetiaroa in the South Pacific to develop reef rebuilding and replenishing systems, helping to ensure the long-term survival of coral reefs in the face of climate change and ocean acidification.

Expedition to the Last Pristine Marine Areas

A 3-year commitment to support National Geographic Society’s ocean conservation project ‘Pristine Seas’ led by Marine Biologist and explorer in residence Dr. Enric Sala, which will help finance ten new expeditions to pristine marine areas, including the Galapagos.

Community-Driven Conservation in the Pacific

In partnership with native leaders and local communities, Oceans 5 is supporting the development of several large marine reserves protecting hundreds of thousands of kilometers of ecological areas in the Pacific Ocean -- the Cook Islands, Kiribati, Palau and Niue.

Debt-for-Nature in the Seychelles

A massive 400,000 km marine reserve around the Seychelles Islands is in negotiation, which would establish a perpetual trust fund to support long-term investments in marine conservation and climate change adaptation in the region.

Protecting the Far North

Several marine reserves are in development with Native communities in Canada and Greenland, including one key project in Hudson Bay to conserve threatened beluga whale habitat. Oceans 5 has set a goal of protecting 10% of vital Arctic seascapes.

Securing Chilean Waters for Sharks

Supported by Oceana, major progress was made towards securing 400,000 km of no-take marine protected areas near the Juan Fernándaz and Desaventuradas Islands off the coast of Chile, dramatically increase protected waters from 0.03% to more than 15%.

No Oil Drilling in the American Arctic

Oceana is working to obtain deferrals for 10,000 square miles of important ecological areas in the Arctic Ocean. Last year, Oceana and its allies prevented oil companies from drilling off the north coast of Alaska, setting a critical conservation precedent.

Urban Forestry Initiative, Los Angeles

TreePeople’s Urban Forestry Initiative focuses on increasing LA’s overall tree canopy and building climate resiliency through tree planting, water catchment, and conservation mapping working with volunteers at the community level.

SOS Children’s Village Mozambique

SOS Children's Villages operates six villages and 5 youth homes in Mozambique, caring for more than 835 orphaned or abandoned children. The village in Maputo was damaged by severe flooding and this grant will help rebuild and expand the program in the region.

The Growing Justice Institute

The Growing Justice Institute, a project of People's Grocery, supports local entrepreneurs in the development of their own micro-food enterprises, providing opportunities to learn job skills within the context of gardens, farms and markets.

Urban Gardens of People’s Grocery

People’s Grocery operates urban gardens in West Oakland that allow people to work together as community, growing a variety of organic vegetables and fruits while teaching youth about how to cultivate and cook their own food.

Supporting Consensus-building for Indigenous Leaders

Indigena supports community-initiated projects that translate and connect ancient wisdom with current ways of life to provide connective threads of consensus, healing, agreement, and vision for indigenous communities working to protect the Earth.

IFAW Animal Action Education

IFAW’s Animal Action Education program engages more than 5M students and educators in dozens of countries each year with educational materials to educate, inspire and empower young people to respect and protect animals and the environment.

Solar Micro Grid Powers Rural School in Mugurameno, Zambia

Mugurameno Basic, one of the most rural schools in Zambia, currently has no running water or electricity. Through this grant the school will receive a clean, renewable source of electricity from the Empowered by Light.

EarthEcho Environmental Education

EarthEcho International is a leading environmental education organization dedicated to activating a new generation of youth to solve the most critical conservation problems facing the world.

Empowering Communities through Technology

Digital Democracy believes that technology must be used to promote civic engagement. This project supports communities in Peru, Guyana, Ecuador and Mexico in utilizing robust tools for conservation of bio-diverse hot-spots climate change adaptation.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

CELDF brings together public interest law and grassroots organizing into a unique legal and organizing strategy – partnering with communities, civil society, and governments to drive a new paradigm for environmental protection based on rights.

The Biomimicry Institute

The Biomimicry Institute's AskNature project brings biology to the design table by inspiring and enabling innovators around the world to emulate nature’s time-tested forms, processes, and systems as they solve this century’s greatest challenges.

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