Donate to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

August 1, 2016

Donate to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) is hard at work tackling some of the most pressing environmental challenges impacting endangered species and threatened ecosystems in every corner of the planet. Since our formation in 1998, we have supported and funded more than 128 cutting-edge environmental protection, advocacy and conservation programs. Our reach now supports projects on almost every continent and in every ocean.


We can’t do it alone, and you can join with others around the world to expand out work — protecting marine ecosystems, defending precious forests, empowering indigenous tribes to protect their lands, and helping endangered species from Africa to South America by stopping poaching and ending the illegal wildlife trade. Working hand-in-hand with our partners on the ground, local communities and leaders around the globe, we are making a difference.

Donate Today to our LDF donor-advised fund at the California Community Foundation, rated 4 stars on Charity Navigator.

We are extremely proud of all that we have achieved, but the threats facing our planet remain enormous – and time is running out. We can move our planet in the right direction, and thankfully many have stepped up in support of our mission. Together we can help protect our planet and all the species that call it home.

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Grantee spotlight: Oceans 5

LDF grantee Oceans 5, an international funder’s collaborative dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans and constraining overfishing, has undertaken numerous projects to implement marine protected areas throughout the world.

National monuments under attack: An unprecedented threat to our national heritage

Bears Ears National Monument, a Utah landscape sacred to numerous Native American tribes,  is under threat after President Trump issued an executive order calling for a review of national monuments designated since 1996.  LDF grantee Utah Dine Bikeyah and the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition have joined forces to send a strong message to Interior Secretary Zinke: protect this sacred land.

LDF featured at CERES Conference

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was featured at the recent CERES Conference hosted in San Francisco. Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, was invited to present and discuss sustainable, climate-friendly investing to a diverse crowd of stakeholders. CERES believes that good governance, transparency, stakeholder engagement and bottom line performance are all hallmarks of a… View Article

Project Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan to reverse global warming

On April 17th, Project Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming was released. The book, edited by Paul Hawkin, is the culmination of two years of research and collaboration to present the best available information on climate solutions.

LDF Grantee Spotlight: Our Children’s Trust

LDF is proud to support Our Children’s Trust (OCT), who represented 21 youth in a historic lawsuit arguing that the Federal Government is not only violating the youth’s fundamental right to life, liberty, and property but also the Public Trust Doctrine, by knowingly engaging in actions that create a dangerous climate situation.